Fingerprints: Check!

Today we went and had our fingerprints (biometrics) taken at our local USCIS office. Considering we had no idea what to expect, I think it went really well. We arrived 20 minutes prior to our 8 am appointment, which was also the time the office opened. We were the first ones there, but of course by the time they opened the door - at 8 am *exactly* - there were about ten more people, many of whom were trying to get in between us and the door. Some of them went as far as to stand directly in front of the door, blocking it from opening. Come on people! We are usually laid back about that stuff, but today I think both of us were ready to speak up to those trying to "cut in." Luckily we didn't have to. None of them had read the form, or either of the signs in in the building, that have huge type that says "NO CELL PHONES ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING." So they all got sent away to their cars to put their phones away. Karma people, karma. Once we got in the door - the process flew. We filled out our forms, checked in, got our numbers (I was 101 - the first customer of the day!) got called over, got our fingers scanned, filled out our comment card, picked up our receipts and we were out the door and at our cars. By 8:12 am. How's that for efficiency within the government?  We were really happy. What was even nicer was the attitudes of everyone. Every single person I interacted with there (four in all) said "Congratulations!" and "Good Luck!" And smiled. Not what I was expecting at all... but I will take it!