Mail Call.

Does anyone else live and die for the mail delivery? It used to be I couldn't care less about mail, most of it junk or bills... until we started this process. While most of it has been done online or via the phone, the past couple of weeks have been mail intensive for us. Home study arrival, USCIS confirmation of form submission, biometrics (fingerprinting) appointments... the one thing *not* arriving is that letter from my doctor. I know he dictated it on Friday... so where is it!? I know exactly where it is - it's probably sitting on some admin's desk waiting to be put in an envelope. That's the way it goes at that office. GRRRRR... On an up-beat note though - we did receive our first "Korea specific" piece of mail from my aunt on Saturday. She's a religious blog-reader, and I often get emails commenting on posts from her. Last week she saw an article in the New York Times on the Korean Cuisine and sent it to us. Yay! First "memorabilia" for baby's Lifebook. Not to mention I'm xeroxing it and bringing it with us... we were drooling by the time we got through the article. So, here's a peek at our Saturday morning: