I wish I could fly.

Or wiggle my nose and just appear wherever I need to be. Cause then I wouldn't have to afford the upkeep on my car! (Not to mention how much good I would be doing for the environment.) So, my car is fixed. It didn't quite go down as planned though. Honestly, I was procrastinating on it - deciding if I really wanted to do that right now. Then, on the way home from a business meeting yesterday, the engine light appeared, things were beeping, I was freaking. So I called Honda and asked to make an appointment. Their response? Come in straight away if you can. So I did. Six hours later (thankfully I was given a courtesy car so I could get back to work) they diagnosed three separate, expensive problems. Of course they did - right?! But I love my CR-V, so I did them all and looked away as I handed over my credit card. On the upside, I was able to drive home in an ice-cold environment!