The Great Name Debate

Sigh. It seems that there's a lot of baby name talk going on lately. Not only in this house, but in others as well. I've noticed a few similar posts on other blogs (which is probably why I sat down with hubby this morning and said "Let's just make sure we have a few we agree on..."). I started leafing through baby name books a few months back after a run of babies in our group of friends - all of which knocked names off of my mental list. So in typical Christine fashion, I went out and got three baby name books to replace the ones knocked out. (yes, one was the "Baby Name Wizard") A few months ago I met a friend for lunch. At the time she was 8.5 months pregnant with her first child. She summed it up perfectly when she said "Naming is such a huge thing, when you think about it, it's probably one of the most important decisions you can make in your child's life... and they are (most likely) going to have to live with it for the rest of their lives... so you really don't want to screw it up!" Yeah. Exactly. Sigh.

Here's the deal: We don't plan on picking the final name until we receive our referral and make sure it "works," so there is really no rush or any pressure right now. (Which is exactly why I want to have this discussion now... it's not pretty when I get stressed!) We also don't plan on sharing any of the contenders. (Sorry folks.) And lastly, we plan to keep our child's given birth name as their middle name. Unless of course it works so wonderfully as an american first name, in which case all bets are off. (We've already discussed at length the pros and cons of whether to keep the given name, not keep it, keep it as middle name, etc. And while that could be one long post on it's own, let's just go with the high-level of : We're giving them a first name that we choose that will work in our society, yet keeping the tie to their heritage with their given name as middle name.)

The good news is we were on the exact same page in terms of favorites. Now, I know this will change over the course of the next few months, but gut reactions were dead on. The bad news is that my *favorite* name is a girl's name. I mean, I *love* this name. Throughout this whole process, I've been completely neutral on gender... Actually, that's probably not true. I really only wanted to apply to a country where there was an equal chance of receiving a referral for either gender, so maybe I'm trying to stack the odds for a boy referral? I also find myself drawn into all things boy much easier. Maybe I should go to a hypnotist, have them ask me and then put it in a sealed envelope to answer after we accept our referral? But, seriously, boy or girl - I'll be thrilled.

All that said, statistically speaking, we better have some really good names for boys. But I love this girls name so much, that even my faves on the boy side are not as good as _that_ name. For the first time ever I want a girl, but only because I could then use this name. (I was sure hubby was going to hate it and then when it was his fave too, that just sealed the deal on the name for me. Now I am officially obsessed.) Now, had I never looked at the "girls" section in the book, I would be absolutely loving all of the boy names as well. And, in actuality I did start in the boys section, and all three of the names immediately jumped out at me... but then I went to the girls section and found *that name.*

I don't know - is this a sign that I haven't found the perfect boy name? Am I just obsessing over this because I have no more paperwork right now to obsess over? Is it because I only have one name to call my own (instead of first and middle)? Is it because I have ten girls names I am thrilled with? And on that note - Why are boy names so much harder to pick?