Woohoo, part 3!

We have our fingerprinting appointments! For next Friday! What?! After a looooong day on the road for business, Doug and I returned home and in our mailbox were two envelopes from Immigration. They contained Form I-797, Notice of Action... otherwise known as the appointment to get your fingerprints. Now, we knew to expect our appointments to arrive within 14 days of them receiving our I-600A, and as Doug posted in "Woohoo, part 2" we received a letter from them telling us such, but we never thought that five days later we would have them.

To add to our shock, we were given appointments next week. Now, for some reason I thought it would take a little longer than that. I don't know if that was an assumption, or a misunderstanding, or what. But, I'll take it!

[For the record, my mood had already turned around prior to this - but this definitely helped!]