Woohoo, part 2!

Today, we received a letter from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services confirming that they received our I-600A form.  If you missed what this is, see this recent post by Christine.  The gist of the letter was that everything appears in order and we should receive an appointment for our fingerprinting within the next two weeks.  (Of course, it's the government, so it took two pages to say that.)  Even though there was nothing particularly unexpected in the letter, we were both very excited.  I think the main things that made us happy were:

  • We received a very quick acknowledgment within days of sending the form as opposed to getting three weeks out and needing to wonder and stress about what black hole our paperwork fell into.
  • The form letter they sent us had a bunch of optional sections along the lines of "you filed the wrong form" or "we need more information in order to proceed" and for once none of those boxes were checked for us!  (We only had check boxes next to the "you did it right" sections...)

So please join us in another "woohoo!"