Korean Vocabulary: Sarang hae

[I'm not sure whether I should make this a recurring subject? Or if this is a section you readers have interest in? But I thought that it might be interesting to learn a few Korean phrases. Doug and I plan to actually try to learn conversational Korean, but we'll see how that goes. You can stop laughing now. ;-)] I thought I would start this with what I feel is the most powerful phrase a family has, I Love You. What sweeter phrase to learn to use with our future child? So here you go:

Sarang hae [사랑해] = "I love you"

I'm not sure how to do pronunciation keys from Korean to English, so instead you can hear it here. (Any readers know how to do this?!)

It's also worth pointing out that you can also use the more formal "Sarang hae yo" when in situations such as telling your parents you love them.

And there you have your Korean Language Lesson for the day!