Go Barefoot!

A few months ago, Doug and I went to a fair for adoptive families held by our agency. There we discovered the fabulous company, Barefoot Books. I was pretty sure I'd like them when I saw their tagline of "innovate • inspire • imagine," but I was positive I liked them when I read this on the back of their catalogue: "At Barefoot Books, we celebrate art and story that opens the hearts and minds of children from all walks of life, inspiring them to read deeper, search further, and explore their own creative gifts.

Taking our inspiration from many different cultures, we focus on themes that encourage independence of spirit, enthusiasm for learning, and sharing of the world's diversity.

Interactive, playful and beautiful, our products combine the best of the present with the best of the past to educate our children as the caretakers of tomorrow."

I could seriously buy a copy of everything in their catalog. Or in the flagship store located in Cambridge, MA! And over time, I hope to fill my child's library with these... (Just to name a few!)


And, being that the Summer Olympics will be held in Beijing, they have a focus on Asian Culture books (Yay!). Included is the very popular Chinese adoption story, "Motherbridge of Love. (Bonus: you can download a pdf of the poem at this link as well!)


And, I'd like to thank Laurie Mattaliano for her help and interest! If you're interested in buying a book or two for a lucky child in your life, I'd love if you would support her business. You can find her site here. (I've also added a link in the "Shopping" portion of the blogroll on the left.)