Two posts in under twenty minutes.

I know, I know - normally I can't even post two things in two days, so this is crazy. Although not as crazy as my challenge I mentioned in the last post. Just to make sure you don't miss it, see my previous post. Just as I finished that post, the mail was delivered. In there was a packet from our home study agency. (Ironic, huh?!) It was our copy of the packet sent to Immigration. In there are two things that made my heart stop.

One is a note that we should be receiving an appointment for our fingerprints within the next fifteen days. (Not the actual appointment, just the scheduling) The fingerprints have always felt so far away... and while they may be still quite a ways off, it's a crazy feeling that within 15 days we should have an appointment.

The second thing is a copy of our home study. This is the first we've seen it, and I can't even bring myself to read it yet. So, for now, it sits on the counter.

Why my heart stopped, I'm not sure... I think it has to do with the feeling of "Oh, there's really stuff happening." For most of this process, we've worked on blind faith. Faith that while we don't always know what's happening behind the curtain, there is stuff being done. We know we've been doing a lot of stuff, and we had faith that everyone else was doing their part. But then when I got this, it was tangible evidence that, regardless of how we may have felt some days, there has been forward progress - and a lot of it. It erases some of the memories of frustration and irritation, or at the very least makes it seem a little smaller.

All in all, I sit here wondering how I'm supposed to meet any of my deadlines today...