Just got back from the UPS store... where... (are you ready?!)... (you sure?!) ... I just mailed off what I believe to be the last of the paperwork (for now) the referral agency needs!! (Imagine a stadium-size crowd cheering) Can you believe it?!  I'm sure I just jinxed us by saying that it's the last set of "stuff" because now I've guaranteed that there's one more paper to track down and supply. Although, I feel that there have been quite a few of those already... so we are due for a smooth road for a while. Once they get this package, and the package from the home study agency, both which should arrive by Monday of next week, everything should be ready to be compiled, translated, and sent to Korea. Then, I'll be able to post those four letters I've been dieing to say (no - not any of those...): HSTK = Home Study To Korea. And then we will be officially waiting. Whoo Hoo!

In celebration... I'm going to try to post something every day for the next two weeks.  I know - crazy. I'm a little nervous about making such a bold statement. And, I'm going to try to make  all of them positive, non-frustrated posts. Hmmm... I hope I can do it. Seriously.