My Guilty Pleasure

(Or perhaps my dirty little secret... I'm not sure which one it is...) Here's a little known fact about me. I love Pop Music. Any type of Pop Music will do, although I do have a special spot in my dancing soul for "bubblegum" pop. I've been known to turn up the radio when a piece of classic Britney comes on, and I don't really think it's summer until you've heard LFO's "Summer Girls," (or "Ignition Remix" by R. Kelly - but that's really R&B and a whole other post) and I would never dream of switching off a Spice Girls song. Although the Spice Girls might have more to do with memories of dancing with my 131 Girls L&J than the actual song. (I'm really baring all here.) I know I am *way* to old to get as excited as I do for a good 'ol pop song, but it never fails to put me in a good mood. (My husband is probably rolling his eyes right now...)

Well, I've now found a new facet to this pop obsession of mine... K-pop! K-pop, short for Korean Popular Music, is something I've recently discovered and can't seem to get enough of. Maybe because there is still a heavy influence of "bubblegum," or maybe because I'm trying to become familiar with all things Korean right now... regardless, I'm finding myself checking the K-pop Charts more than I ever checked any Billboard Chart, looking for new songs to download and add to my iPod's playlist (which is getting to be rather large)! Some of my current faves are MC Mong's "Love You Til Death," Bae Chi Gi's "No. 3," Jewelry's "(Everybody Shhh!)," SM's SHINee "Replay," and Monday Kiz's "MV." Last, but far from least is my ultimate fave right now... the Wonder Girls "So Hot."

A Note to my 131 Girls L&J: Don't you think "So Hot" ranks up there with "Wannabe"?! [wink]