The ball is in my court...

And I just can't seem to lob it back to the other side. Sigh. The ball is in our court on the adoption stuff. And it's all just a matter of collecting a few papers and photos — that we already have — and mailing them off. And pinging our home study agency to do the same. Yet, has it gotten done? So irritating.

I also owe eight people emails... and have for a while. To those people, I apologize... I will make it a priority to write in the next couple of days.

There's lots of other things on my "to-do" list as well that are being ignored the past couple of weeks.

What's the problem you ask? Nothing besides the fact that I have work (lots of it - which is a good thing) and non-work obligations (parties and getting together with friends, so I don't really want to complain about that!).

Luckily, I really do believe that everything happens at the exact time it's supposed to. So, as frustrating and irritating as it is not to have forward progress on any of my to-do items, I do try to keep in my mind this fact. And remind myself everything will get done in due time.