Surprise #5: There Are Many People In It For The Right Reasons

This the sixth post of the 10-part series: “Top 10 Surprises of the International Adoption Process” One of the great things we have noticed about the adoption process is that the overwhelming majority of the people we have encountered at the various agencies and other organizations we have dealt with love what they do.  Most have some type of personal connection to adoption.  Some are adopted children themselves.  Many are adoptive parents.   Some are both.  Given that adoption is a an emotional process filled with ups and downs, it is great to be working with people who can truly relate to what you are going through and draw from real life personal experiences, along with a wealth of professional experiences, to guide us along.  This is not to say that everything is perfect, as there are definitely times when we need to nudge our agencies along more than we would like.  However, most of the people we have dealt with seem to bring that little bit extra that comes with truly loving your job.