We received our official acceptance and welcome packet from our referral/placement agency! As I posted earlier, we applied to them in the end of May. We've been working under the assumption that they accepted us since we saw the check for the agency fee clear a few weeks ago. But it's always nice to have that definitive clarification of "yes we will work with you and help you become a family." We've considered ourselves "waiting" since we sent in that application since there was nothing left for us to do. Our homestudy has been complete, all of the forms filled out, really not much left to do. So, we've been waiting, even though we knew there was going to be another little flurry of activity with the acceptance from the second agency. (And while it's really not *the* wait everyone refers to in the adoption world... it helps me mentally handle everything being beyond my control!) The past couple of days we've been assembling everything that they requested (which is really just a phone call to the homestudy agency and the signing of a few more forms). I hope to send that all off tomorrow, and be back to "waiting." I've gotten a few emails about our timeline and what it has been like. I'll post about that soon. For now though, I'm just celebrating the feeling of getting that acceptance. Kinda like getting an acceptance from your first choice for college!