The "Anti-Stuff" Campaign

We're currently in the midst of a de-cluttering undertaking, and a pretty massive one at that. This consists of eBay sales, give-aways, and freecycling. I've always known that I've been "stuff-heavy" and "storage-light" as opposed to others. But when I started feeling as though I needed to buy a larger house to fit the baby, I realized something had to happen. (For those of you who are familiar with my house, you're probably laughing out loud at me now...) Granted, part of the issue is that we need two home offices here as well. And before you ask, yes, we tried to share an office and that's just not good for a marriage! But I'm starting to digress. You can imagine my dismay when people started saying things like: "You think you have clutter now!? Just wait until you have the kid!" So, we've been trying very hard to *not* accumulate a lot of stuff for the kid. And I think we'll be able to swing it. I think most of you will agree that toys add the most "stuff" to the situation. Luckily, we've had lots of offers to borrow the bigger, short-term use toys. In addition, Doug found this a couple of months ago. It's like Netflix for toys! Yay! At first I went "They want how much a month?!" Then I realized that if I were to buy two toys a month that were developmentally correct, I'd probably be spending beyond that regardless. So, I'm in. Then, when they lose interest in the toy, off it goes again. Aaaahhhh... bye-bye stuff! Or, if we really wanted to keep the kid stuff to a minimum, there's always this idea.