OK, so I realize I went Missing In Action last week. I was hoping I would post a couple more times before this past weekend, but it just didn't happen. What was this past weekend you might ask? My best friend's wedding! (And I don't mean the movie.) We're just back from a long weekend at Lake George, where my friend made a very beautiful bride to a very handsome groom. The wedding and reception were incredible... and I survived giving my Matron of Honor toast! The only problem is that I so can't get into work mode now. Ugh. I'm hoping to have a picture or two (and permission to post) of some of the incredible details of this wedding in a few weeks. (Being the Matron of Honor, I was too distracted to actually take any pictures myself!) And L, no this is not a hint to you! :-)

• • • • •

On the adoption front, today is exactly two weeks since the second agency received our application. I've been trying to be really patient, but I may need to give in and call them to check on the status of that... but I don't know... is two weeks just a long time to me?! Should I wait longer?