Present for me... or for my child?!

The other week, I visited one of the local Lego stores... big mistake. Once you are in, you are in. Being that I grew up as a Lego fanatic, I can very easily get sucked back in again. And I did. But what I bought might surprise you. When I was at my neighbors the other day, I realized that her Duplo people were all very "white." That didn't really bother me, although I will be the first to admit to you that I have become much more "culturally" and "inter-culturally" aware since we started down this international adoption road. So, while we have no child, or Duplos for that matter, we are now prepared with these: lego_world-people1.jpg

(Image courtesy of the Lego website)

Thank you Lego for providing us with multi-cultural Lego people!! (Although, did you need to put the term "educational" on the box?! I so don't get that.) I know that there will be plenty of times when my child won't have toys that look like them, so it's nice to know that already there's some diversity in the house.

And for those of you who are wondering... yes, this is the first thing I've purchased for the future child. I'm not sure if this is disconcerting or not. I don't even know what the first thing should be (clothes? a crib? booties?), but this was mine. So, the box sits, unopened, in the guest room that will eventually become a nursery. Now, I just hope the kid to be likes Legos and Duplos as much as I did...