Yum. Yum. Yum.

First, apologies for going radio-silent this week. Life has just been crazy. I'm hoping June quiets down a little. Even though it's a long weekend it looks like chores are the highest priority. I'd like to see my countertops again, and if I don't do laundry... well, let's just say it won't be pretty! I'm sure you all know the feeling. So onto the real reason for posting: Korean food. Last night Doug and I went out to a Korean restaurant, the first time for me. I've been to "Asian Fusion" places, where there was one or two Korean dishes on the menu, but never a Korean restaurant where everything was a Korean dish. It was very exciting. Although, I'm already wanting to go back since I couldn't get all the dishes I wanted to try. (Like Bibimbap or any of the noodle  dishes or soup dishes) What I did get though was awesome. I ordered a Kimchi (seasoned cabbage) pancake for my appetizer and Bulgogi (Traditional BBQ beef) for my entree. Everything was delicious. I've already been looking up how to make Kimchi pancakes this morning. There is an Asian market near where we live that I may need to visit since it doesn't look that difficult to create the pancakes, and I seriously could have just eaten that for my entire meal. The Bulgogi was also incredible. Really tender, with a delicious sauce/seasonings. But I think I need to work up to that! I'd love to buy a Korean cookbook, but my local bookstore doesn't carry any, and cookbooks are something I need to look through before purchasing. It's not something I feel like I can buy sight unseen from Amazon or something. Plus, I love cookbooks that have lots and lots of pictures... so if anyone comes across a good one, I'd love the title. Then, I will buy it sight unseen!