Hip Hip Hooray!

We have the *final* piece of paper!! Yippee! To put this into perspective here: I've had the application for the placement agency sitting on my desktop, completed, since April 4th. The reason I couldn't send it to the agency was because I needed a letter from our health insurance company. We received that on Wednesday of this week.  There's a  variety of factors and reasons as to why it took six weeks to get a letter, but at least I have it now. (Even if it's not perfect.) So we've reviewed everything, signed everything, have all eight components that need to get sent compiled... all that is left is writing a brief cover letter, and then it's off. Yay! I'm hoping that it won't take too long to get the approval (and hopefully approval is what we get, not the opposite!) from the agency so that we can send our home study off to Immigration.