The carseat alternative.

Most likely, we'll be traveling to pick up our child. This will require us to travel over with supplies will need both in-country and on the return flight. Clothes and toys will be easy enough. I'm more thinking about the bulky stroller and car seat. Seems kind of annoying to have to fly things over to use on the way back. (I do understand that it is possible to fly with an infant on your lap, but I feel that 14 hours in a plane with an infant I have known for under a week is too long for them not to have their own seat.) Then I saw this, the CARES (“child aviation restraint system”), which I think is a great idea. I highly doubt that our child will be the required 22 lbs. but it intrigued me enough that I found it worth posting about. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to pack a child restraint system in your bag and just use it on the flight back?! We'll more likely be using this on the way there though. Sigh.