It's been pointed out, well... quite a few times over the past week or so, that I haven't shared many pics of our first baby, Roxy, recently. And I have no excuse. Fancy digital camera, she spends all day in my office with me, she's pretty photogenic... the list can go on. So yesterday, I caught her lying in the doorway enjoying the spring weather that seems to have finally made it here. I grabbed the digital camera, took several pictures (read: 50), got a few good/okay ones (14), but I feel I got two great ones in there as well. Which is pretty good for a quick session... here they are: dsc_0364_cropgr2-4web.jpg

[I love the soft focus and the shadows in this, it's pretty reflective of her mood]


[I'm also loving this one though!]

Does this buy me a pass for the next couple of weeks now?! :-)