One more class. One more paper.

Yup, that's right. One. More. Class. I thought we were all done with those. (Just a note: I do appreciate, understand, and value the importance and necessity of these classes and am not questioning their existence or the requirement of them.) We've alluded to, or spoken of, the classes we took back in January. Some were in person, some were online. The online classes are what killed us, for several reasons. One, the actual experience of navigating the courses was painful. Being that they were online, and were to be done together, this basically meant we had to do them on the weekend. I don't know if that was everyone's thought, or what, but page loads were extremely slow. (As in, I could walk upstairs, get a load of laundry, go downstairs, put it in and get back before the page finished loading. And we checked - it wasn't on our end.) Second, we had expectations that this one class would take 4-6 hours, and it took more like 16 hours. No joke. Think about going through that and then having *two* more classes to go. Luckily, the other two were a breeze! Lastly, and this was our mistake, we did it all in one weekend. So the classes felt incredibly repetitive. So now we have another online class to take. Which, is really not so bad. And, it's one we thought sounded interesting when we were reading all of the descriptions. But, it's another class. And another thing to do before our papers go anywhere. (And I'm really ready to be on a list and start "waiting.")

Wow - this sounds like a pity party! It's not though... I really do find the subject matter of this last class intriguing so it will be good to take it. Maybe we'll go get breakfast in one of the local coffee shops that provides WiFi and do it there. That could be fun.

We also have one more document to chase down. One document that requires getting someone at our health insurance company to write us a letter vouching for our coverage, and the coverage of our future, adopted child. Yeah, that should be real easy.