Surprise #6: Many Families Have A Mix of Biological and Adopted Children

This the fifth post of the 10-part series: “Top 10 Surprises of the International Adoption Process” One of the misconceptions I had going in to the adoption process is that there are two types of parents: biological parents and adoptive parents. It turns out, there are surprising number of parents who wear both hats. Since making the decision to adopt, we have come across quite a few people who have a biological child (or several) already and are planning to grow their family through adoption. We have seen cases where one of the parents was adopted themselves and therefore felt compelled to provide an adopted child with the same opportunities they received. We have also seen adoption emerge as an ideal option for couples who are still young enough to parent but old enough not to want to take on the physical demands of childbirth again. Finally, there are cases where parents just plain believe in the concept of adoption and want to include it as a dynamic in their family along with biological children. In retrospect, it makes a lot of sense. However, it is yet another one of those things that never occurred to me before I was in the thick of the process.