We picked a country! Umm, now what?!

As Doug mentioned in the last post, we finally chose a country to apply to. (In case you missed it, we chose Korea!) So, you may be thinking, now what?! There are two things that are next on the list. First, we need to finish our autobiographies. (We've kind of been procrastinating on this since we didn't have a country chosen.) Second, we need to find a placement agency. Huh?!  OK - I'll try to explain. Since our agency that we have been using doesn't have a Korean program offerering, we need to engage a secondary agency that has an established alliance within Korea. Our current agency will still remain as our primary agency, and they are the ones that will complete the homestudy, and post-placement... but the second agency that we enlist will be the ones who make the referral (placement) and handle the process between the referral and the travel to child. The two agencies basically network to complete the adoption.

If it seems confusing, it will hopefully become clearer as we continue on in the process!

We have a couple of leads on agencies with Korean programs, and I'll be contacting them tomorrow. When we first interfaced with our current (homestudy) agency, we knew immediately that they were the agency for us. Hopefully, we will have a similar feeling with this agency as well. Here's hoping...