On My Nightstand: "A Love Like No Other"

(Note: I received this book as a Valentine's Day gift from Doug...)"A Love Like No Other" is a collection of short stories from 20 adoptive parents. The essays range from hysterical to heartbreaking, with the common element of honesty running through all of them. I found it enlightening and refreshing, all too often the "adoption stories" out there are cookie-cutter plots and very much "happily ever after." None of the authors portrayed here sugar coat, or omit, any of the gritty stuff. As a pre-adoptive parent, it's nice to have the "real-ness" this book offers... while we hope for a "Happily Ever After" in our lives - it's nice to know that whatever we encounter, we're not the only ones! We very much want to learn all we can, and this book highlights many lessons worth learning.

I think this book is a good choice for anyone whose life is being touched by adoption. The range of issues is intriguing, the types of family compositions included is fascinating, and all the stories are thought-provoking.

Love Cover