A step in the right direction (one of many we hope).

As I blogged about in the first post of this site, the Vietnam-American adoption relationship is undergoing some "re-jiggering" currently. Doug and I both feel that this is important and necessary... the timing could be better as far as we are personally concerned, but overall, we are behind the initiative. What is this initiative you might ask? It's about updating the Memorandum of Understanding currently in place between the US and Vietnam. It's due to expire September 1 of this year. You can read about it here and here. (I'm saving you the pain of me trying to explain it by linking to these sites.)

Most of the updates we read in regards to this are less than encouraging. To the point where we do have our "Plan B" almost determined. Today, though, was different. Today there was actually a post about forward progress! The news is that 36 of the 42 US agencies that are currently licensed in Vietnam have signed the recently drafted "Standards of Practice." While really not a surprise, this is positive in two ways. One, our agency is one of the 36 (again, not a surprise) and two, this is a forward step to ratifying the Memorandum of Understanding. Steps forward are a good thing! While we're still not ready to jump into the Vietnam boat (nor will our agency let us at this point!) we are happy to at least see some positive movement in the negotiations. The next scheduled step in the process is when the Standards of Practice are presented to the DIA (Dept. of Int'l Adoption - in Vietnam) and the Vietnamese provinces at the end of this month.