Surprise #10: The Adoption Agency Doesn't Sell You, You Sell Them

This the first post of the 10-part series: "Top 10 Surprises of the International Adoption Process" One of the things our adoption agency (which shall remain nameless for privacy reasons) did well was challenge us to articulate our motivations for adopting. We obviously went through a fair bit of thought and discussion before deciding to adopt, so by the time we formally engaged an agency, we were free of any doubts about moving forward. That being our state of mind, we expected that the agency would just roll out the red carpet, tell us what wonderful and caring people we are (ha ha), and take it on our word that we had thought it all through. They didn’t do that. They engaged us in a pretty intense dialog, both together and individually, to really probe into our reasons for adopting. It was a little uncomfortable for us, but it is great to know that there is a safety net to make sure that would-be adoptive parents are fully committed. A good adoption agency works for the child--not for the parents.