Slurp This!

We'd really like to share this blog with our child at some point. We're excited to document and share this journey with all of you along the way. But being the creative person I am, I've been struggling with the thought of "should I be documenting this in a scrapbook/diary form?" I mean, will this technology still be around when my child reaches the appropriate age to read it?! Should I start copying and pasting our posts into a secondary (printable) form?! I'm really happy to say that it looks like I can have my cake and eat it too! Yay! Blurb is a site where you can create bookstore-quality books. (I've seen them in real life and they really are something you would be happy to have on your coffee table.) Well, now it seems that they offer "Blog Books," where they "slurp" your blog into a printable version. The "slurp action" imports and maps blog text, images, comments and links. It incorporates them into professionally designed page layouts. The result? A tangible, printed version of the online journey. Yeah, that's pretty awesome.

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3