The first question

... everyone always asks when they hear we are adopting internationally is: "What country?!"

Good question. As some of you know, we really like Vietnam. We both feel a deep passion for the culture, the language, the food. We feel that we are well-positioned to raise a Vietnamese child in our house and community. BUT - there's some "re-jiggering" going on in the Vietnamese and American adoption relationship right now. Things that desperately need to be addressed are being addressed, and hopefully, fixed. Until this all shakes out though, our agency isn't accepting new applicants to that program (most agencies aren't). And there is a very real chance that this may lead to the dissolution of inter-country adoption between Vietnam and America. (For more information on this, look here. Or here. Or read this brief NY Times article.)

So, we've been told to come up with a "Plan B." That's where we run into a problem... There is no clear choice for "second place" in our minds. How do you pick a country when so many of them call to you?! When there are so many unique and intriguing cultures to choose from?! When there's millions upon millions of orphans in the world?! Our answer... We don't know. So for now, we are on "hold" - waiting to see what happens in Vietnam... pondering what our "Plan B" should be... and just kind of letting powers that are greater than us guide us.

That's cool.