What's in a Name?!

You may be wondering why we chose to name our blog "12,450 miles." We don't know where we are headed yet, so it's not like we have an exact measurement from our town to the town we'll be heading to. It's certainly not as catchy as "10,000 miles." But it is the distance halfway around the world. (Based on the distance around the world at the equator - which is 24,901.55 miles. So technically, our blog should be called "12,450.775 miles" but that's just tedious.) The real purpose of the name is to sum up our feeling towards adoption. Be it 10 miles, or 12,450 miles, no distance is too great to travel to build our family. We're excited to start the journey... we hope you enjoy traveling along with us.

So, here we go... step one.